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Jungle Theme Decor


What’s included:
♣ 1500 balloon
♣ 8 animal cutout
♣ 8 big balloon stand
♣ 1 gate
♣ 15 small balloon stand
♣ 13 animal foil balloon
♣ 1 happy birthday foil balloon
♣ 7 led lights
♣ 1 backdrop



Birthday is a day that comes once a year, and it should be celebrated for several reasons. Every time when you have a birthday, it should be more special to your loveable child. Make them feel like a Jungle has come around with all jungle animals on their birthday by giving a cool and unexpected surprise by getting their private area decorated with premium quality balloons, animal cutouts, backdrop, led lights, and much more.

For the little lion in the jungle, for this event, we decorated the area around the stage like a small forest with an animal cutout and balloons all around. As the guest entered the event venue, the first thing they caught their eye selfie point, it became a photo opportunity, a point of focus, and got the best view of the decoration. The extraordinary thing about this subject is that there are such a significant number of images to play with.

Need to Know:
This decoration is available only in Jaipur.
♣ The event/party will be fixed through a call or meeting.
♣ The confirmation of the event/party will be after payment.
♣ Location and other details will discuss on the call or meeting.
♣ For booking, you can mail us on surprise@happydreams.in or call us on +91 7976260797.


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