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Krishna Theme – Baby Shower

Our unique Krishna Theme – Baby Shower decor has been crafted with the most exquisite and premium quality balloons and other adornments. Crafting and decorating for the big Krishna Theme – Baby Shower day can seem daunting, but don’t stress. Celebrating a new baby is exciting, and so should the party planning process.

What’s included:
♣ Krishna cut-out.
♣ Krishna Jhaki.
♣ Balloons, light, backdrops, pictures, stands, and many more.



The baby shower is the most important day for a mother and father, a perfect way to show love, caring, and lots of blessings to mothers as well as to your child. You need to choose a theme for the celebration, it should be a unique theme and idea which can make the best welcome of new members. 

Organize your baby shower as a Load Krishna has taken the birth one again by setting up a decoration for the Krishna theme. In the Krishna theme decoration, you will be getting balloons decoration starting for the entrance to the ground. Krisna jhaki will also be there for his birth to all his Lila, with the backdrop on the stage where mother and child can sit and take blessings as much as they can. For such events, you can call us or mail us. We love to help you with the charm of your family. Plus, some of these decorations double as gifts for the mom-to-be and the guests, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved. At the end of the day, the future parents will just be happy to have their friends and family in one place, with memories to share with their child years later.

Need to Know:
This decoration is available only in Jaipur.
♣ The event/party will be fixed through a call or meeting.
♣ Only after payment the event/party will be confirmed.
♣ Location and other details will discuss on the call or meeting.
♣ For booking, you can mail us on surprise@happydreams.in or call us on +91 7976260797.


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