25th Anniversary Backdrop


The 25th wedding anniversary is traditionally called the Silver wedding anniversary. Silver is also the traditional gift for the 25th anniversary. To match the traditional 25th-anniversary symbol we can incorporate silver throughout your party decorations, the anniversary cake, and the couple’s wardrobe.

What’s included:
♣ 8*12 green grass backdrop
♣ Paper fan
♣ 25th happy anniversary cutout
♣ led lights
♣ 2side pots
♣ 8*12 riser platform
♣ Red carpet
♣ 25th led the letter.

All About Love Setup


If you are looking for something unique and memorable to propose to your better half, trust us, these candlelight dinners are perfect. It will leave a lasting impression and you will be able to keep the memory alive forever in the hearts and minds of your loved one. You can choose from a variety of ideas to get your proposal right. From candlelight dinner to sushi and champagne, the possibilities are almost endless. And since we’re your best friends now, we’ll help you choose the perfect proposal.

What’s included:
♣ Separate Area
♣ Table Decorations
♣ Candle props
♣ Sofa sitting
♣ Ring Canopy setup
♣ Rise lights decor
♣ Hanging umbrella
♣ Marry me, Lightboard
♣ Wooden backdrop
♣ Glass Candle work
♣ Flower moon stand
♣ Welcome mocktails on arrival
♣ 3-course meal from the food menu (veg)
♣  Ambient Music

Always Love Decor


For a perfect romance in the bedroom, set the scene with the right music and fairy lights.  You can transform your bedroom into a cozy and romantic nest for the two of you with this decent and amorous decoration that will show your love in a big way. Even small decorative touches, like frilly throw pillows or stenciled signs, make your room more inviting. we’ve got plenty of ideas to make your bedroom as sweet and special as the love you share.

What’s included:
♣ 200-250 pestal balloons
♣ Frills
♣ 2 balloons stand
♣ Always love foil balloons
♣ Hanging pics
♣ 4 heart shape foil balloons

Basic Balloon Arch Decoration


It is very important to celebrate a birthday party, with so many expensive options out there, we can forget about small details and simple things that we will love to have. The Balloon Arch decoration is the best option for a wonderful celebration. A Balloon Arch is a great way to highlight the theme of your party and transform any empty doorway into an exciting entrance.

What’s included:
♣ 200-250 balloons

♣ Frills
♣ 1 balloon arch & some balloon bunch on the wall.
♣ Floating balloons on the floor
♣ Happy birthday/ happy anniversary / I love You foil balloon 

Basic Haldi Home Decor


Indian weddings are known for their larger-than-life décor and fun-filled traditions. Every ritual performed during an Indian wedding has a significance of its own and a reason behind its existence. One such ceremony of great importance is the ‘HALDI CEREMONY’.

What’s included:
4*8ft grass backdrop
8 umbrellas
15 kathputli
30 pinwheels
30 hazara malas
10 bells
4 matke
1 diwan
1 matress, 1 diwan cover

Basic Room Décor


Regardless of your design aesthetic, you deserve an area that promotes an honest night’s rest. Relaxing hues, luxurious bedding, and punctiliously chosen room accessories, like nightstands with the proper amount of storage, are just a few of the weather needed to craft a soothing yet stylish room.

What’s included:
♣ Happy birthday/Happy anniversary /I Love you foil balloon
♣ 200-250 ceiling balloons
♣ Frills

Basic Room Décor Pack


Throw the perfect celebration with our basic room decoration. Birthday room decorations are designed to spice up your celebration. From birthday banners and balloons with matching stickers to hanging flowers and balloon lights, this is your ultimate decoration package. With its affordable price tag, you can take advantage of these year-round essentials.

What’s included:
Package 1
♣ Happy birthday/happy anniversary /I love u foil balloon
♣ 50 ceiling balloons with tape and ribbons
♣ 50-floor balloons
♣ 50 balloons used as bunches
♣ 2 foil hearts
Package 2
Happy birthday /happy anniversary /I love u foil balloon
♣ 50 ceiling balloons with tape and ribbons
♣ 50-floor balloons
♣ 2letter no. foil balloon
♣ 2 star/heart foil balloons

Birthday Curtain Wall


When it comes to birthdays, you don’t always want to spend an arm and a leg on decorations. And other times, you want something more personalized and unique to celebrate a loved one.  Whatever the case may be when you’re planning a birthday party, we recommend a bit of DIY work to get the festivities started off on the right foot.

What’s included:
♣ 200-250balloons
♣ Happy birthday/happy anniversary/I love you foil balloons
♣ 2 curtain frills
♣ 2 rise lights
♣ 1star 1heart foil balloons

Birthday Wall


Got a birthday party coming soon? Well, let’s make a guest list first. What about the party invites? Oh, remember cake and food. Okay, now comes the decoration the most important thing which will make a birthday special. Wondering where to begin? Begin with walls. Yes. When it comes to party decorations, don’t underestimate the importance of walls.

What’s included:
♣ Happy Birthday foil balloons (silver/golden on a wall)
♣ ‘whiskey’ and ‘Champagne’ foil balloons(1 each)
♣ 3 rise light around décor over the ceiling.