Cadbury Basket full of Love


Give your loved one a gift. Perfect for any festive occasion, Cadbury Basket full of Love is filled with some of the world’s most prestigious spirit brands. There really isn’t anything more heavenly than some chocolate. HAPPY DREAMS present you decadent chocolate and make it a day to remember by sending this adorable Cadbury Basket full of Love curated with a bunch of many delicious Diary milk chocolates.

Product Details:-
♣ Shaped: Heart and circle
♣ Cadbury chocolates
♣ Chocolate Quantity: (13.2gms) 8 chocolates, (24gms) 5 chocolates, (52gms) 3 chocolates, (72gms) 1 chocolate

Customized Happy Birthday Led Bottle Lamp


The new age of gifting, this Personalized happy birthday Led Photo Bottle lamp will enlighten any space, making it sentimental like in the films! Customize this glass bottle with a photograph to make it a memento for the beneficiary or get one to add an additional appeal to your home stylistic theme.

Product details
♣ Color – Multicolor
♣ Glass bottle
♣ Lights
♣ Can be customized with one photo and one message


Kitkat Collection


Make it a day to remember by sending this adorable Chocolate bouquet curated with a bunch of many delicious KitKat chocolates. Now you can send your loved ones a delightful and edible chocolate bouquet to eat and cherish.

Product Details:-
♣ Shaped: Heart and circle
♣ Kitkat chocolates
♣ Assorted Handmade Chocolate

Kitkat Tower


Who in this world doesn’t love chocolates? Chocolates come out to be a box of happiness. Gift your dear one’s premium quality Kitkat Tower. Whether you are a chocolate connoisseur or you just have a big sweet tooth, we have a large variety of chocolate gifts. Our chocolate explosion tower makes a great chocolate gift for any occasion. Life is full of many treats, but there is nothing as sweet as our chocolate explosion tower.

Product Details:-
♣ Shaped: square
♣ Kitkat chocolates
♣ Chocolate quantity: 36 chocolates (27.5gms)

Mattel Name Key-chain


A gift that keeps you closer at all time even you are away from each other. This Mattel Name Keychain can be personalized with a single name of your wish.

Product Details

♣ Material: Metal
♣ Single name required
♣ Design: Simple/With Crown/With Heart

Photo Stick Cake


A dedicated seasonal and birthday celebration cake, collection that is ideal whenever you want to celebrate those special times of the year. We also have a fabulous variety of photo Strick cakes with our special plaques for all kinds of important occasions.

Product details:
10-12 photos required
♣ 2 pound cake
♣ Eggless Cakes
♣ Happy birthday, happy anniversary, a tag will be there.
♣ The basic candle and knife will be there.

Zig Zag Album


Age isn’t anything but a number that people seem to keep track of and remind you about every year…… if you know someone turning another year older, wiser, fabulous, and awesome surprise them with our handmade customized cards that will be keepsake memory for life. It’s a multi-layered card if you are bored with a regular greeting card then this gift an interesting card since it’s a multiple-layer card you can add pictures, sentiments and can write anything you want. It’s a uniquely designed card.

Product details:
Photos Required: 40pic’s
Theme: Can be customized as a birthday gift, anniversary gift, romantic gift, valentine gift or any other gift for your loved one Just drop a message after you order.
Size : 30cm x 23cm x 1cm
Material: Craft Paper High GSM


Heart Red Box


Elegant, timeless, and one-of-a-kind. Our limited edition heart box is filled with beautiful red roses. Heart-shaped flowerbox is a total novelty in our offer. It is an elegant way to give red roses. It will certainly impress the person who receives it. the substance of polish, sentiment, and energy with this staggering box of roses.

Product Details 

♣ Shape : Heart
♣ 40-50 Red rose
♣ Card box.

Special Chocolate Bouquet


Roses and Chocolates is the sweetest surprise one can ever receive. This perfect couple carries a number of emotions joy, love, affection, and care. This is a warm combination that can melt any heart. That is why we have made a Gift Combo of Roses and Chocolates for That’ special someone.

Product Details:

♣ Approx 15 rose with 3-5 white flowers and green leaves to decorate.
♣ 28-30 Chocolates.
♣ Chocolate Shape: Rose, Heart, round, and rectangle.
♣ 2 special round chocolate with the date, 1 rectangle chocolate with an occasion name, 1 rectangle chocolate with the name of the person.