Canopy with rose Room Decoration


Canopies are sexy. Yes, there’s just something mysterious and enchanting about its soft, flowy, translucent, and elegant look. It offers you privacy yet keeps the mystery going. A beautiful canopy paired with rose lends a chic touch to your bedroom design. Delicate curtains are sublime, semi-sheer, transparent curtains elicit a sense of ethereal love with the right amount of lighting on them. Canopy with rose and lights will turn your bedroom into a romantic retreat.  

What’s included:
200 balloons (not helium) decoration with ribbons attached to the ceiling.
♣  7*8 ft bed frame, curtain
♣ Happy birthday, Happy anniversary, I love You, letter foil balloons or bunting banner.
♣ Candles Jars, lantern.

Hanging pics
♣ candles
♣ 200+roses, 2bouquet

Regular Decor


There would be absolutely nobody who doesn’t seem to be all excited when it involves celebrating their birthdays. Among all the varied factors which make a birthday seems and desire a celebration is a regular decoration for birthdays. The shimmery, colorful decoration for birthdays tends to feature up its charm and livens up the love-filled birthday memories. While some people like to hire decorators to require over this tedious task of decorating the whole house. Whereas many of us like to decorate the room/house of the birthday boy/girl, in their creative way.

What’s included:
♣ Happy birthday/Happy anniversary /I Love you foil balloon
♣ 200-250 ceiling balloons
♣ Frills

2-2.5kg Rose petals
Heart shape foil balloon
Hanging pics 25