Basic Haldi Home Decor


Indian weddings are known for their larger-than-life décor and fun-filled traditions. Every ritual performed during an Indian wedding has a significance of its own and a reason behind its existence. One such ceremony of great importance is the ‘HALDI CEREMONY’.

What’s included:
4*8ft grass backdrop
8 umbrellas
15 kathputli
30 pinwheels
30 hazara malas
10 bells
4 matke
1 diwan
1 matress, 1 diwan cover

Haldi Flower Backdrop


Decoration has numerous color palettes and themes to work with. If the floral is the theme that is chosen, then there may be a combination of several flowers that could be considered. Widely utilized in Indian rituals and decorations, Marigold Garlands can be decorated in multiple ways.

What’s included:
♣ 8*8ft grass backdrop
♣ 4 umbrellas
2 kathputli
2 dream catcher
10 latkan hanging
Colour : yellow & pink(rani)
Flower Bidding
♣ 2 Round hanging
1 kite hanging,