Garden Pot Rabbit


A touch of enchantment to your garden with the Happy Dreams Garden Pot Rabbit. More than just a pot, this charming accessory adds a delightful twist to your plant collection, making gardening a whimsical and joyous experience. Turn your plants into magical companions as they find a cozy home in the Garden Pot Rabbit. Perfect for flowers, herbs, or succulents, it adds a playful touch to your greenery.

Product Details :
♣ Material : Rexine (POP)
♣ Type : Single Item
♣ Size : 2inch

Need to know :
Delivery within Jaipur Only.
♣ Breakable Material.
♣ We will keep you updated on the confirmation via email or message.
♣ For any additional information regarding this surprise, feel free to contact us via email at or call us at +91 7976260797.